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Fast Enterprise located in Zielona Gora Foluszowa Street 112 is manufacturer of construction chemical.

The company was set up in 1992 and since then it has developed from a small company into a significant producer and distributor of building chemistry on Polish market.

The owners of the company are Polish citizens – the capital is solely Polish. Now the company employs around 80 persons and closely cooperates with a chain of 80 warehouses all over Poland. At the beginning the company attended only local market providing mortar glue for Lubuskie and Wroclawskie regions

In 1992 FAST signed the Working Agreement with a Canadian company, the producer of mortar glues – as a result new technologies were bought allowing the production in Poland. In order to fulfill customers’ needs Fast started production of pointing mortars – the company has become known and recognised on the market.

In 1995 expansive development of the company encouraged the company management to move production to a new place. Therefore, the factory has been purchased and production has been modernised.

The production of mortars and wide range of chemical products used in building industry has begun.

The company came into contacts with Polish entrepreneurs to provide complete sale of products for insulation using light-wet method.

Employing professional sales representatives allowed better cooperation with warehouses and distributors.

In order to improve delivery to our customers in Poland the company has decided to widen services, offering transport and spedition – at present, apart form Poland, we serve logistic assistance to a number of European countries.

In 1997 the Commercial Agreement with Dutch company SPS from Hertogenbosch which produces acrylic undercoat and paints was signed. The products such as granite plaster, structural undercoats and paints are widely appreciated by customers. Simultaneously to sale of the licensed products Fast introduced and promoted its own products, widening the assortment. Now the company offers a large number of high quality products, including FAST insulation systems, which are highly recommended in building works.

So far the main area of production are materials for insulation systems but the company is still growing and working on improving its products.

The high quality of offered products is guaranteed by two laboratories: wet and dry production, where the produced materials are examined and new projects are developed.

Certificates and Prizes

  • 1999 – Technical Certificate issued by Intstitue of Building Technique in Warsaw for the system using the light-wet method

  • Conformity Certificate issued by Intstitue of Building Technique in Warsaw for systems FAST SM, FAST SA, RFAST W, FAST W-G.

  • Fair-Play Certificate for the years 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004.

  • The Golden Statue Fair-Play for the year 2005.

  • Business Gisele 2002 awarded by daily newspaper Puls Biznesu

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